Savjeti, ideje i prijedlozi za uređenje doma!

Kako enterijer doma uz ograničeni budžet: Kreirajte novi enterijer u samo 3 koraka (Foto)


Ako i vi spadate u jednu od onih osoba koje često razmišljaju o preuređenju svog životnog prostora ili da mu date jednostavno malo nove svježine, onda je ovo članak za vas.

No, svi smo upoznati sa tim da uređenje samo po sebi ne predstavlja nikakav problem, pod usloom da već imamo dosta financijskih sredstava ali i vremena. Međutim, u realnosti nije baš tako, pa u pomoć će nam priskočiti 3 savjeta stručnjaka iz područja dizajna enterijera koje smo danas pronašli.

-Koristite stvari koje već imate – možete na ovaj način posvetiti pažnju nekim stvarima kojim do sada niste. npr. istaknite nove ukrase koje imate, promjenite im položaj.

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While French designer Pierre Paulin’s original Élysée sofas—put into a brief production by French manufacturer Alpha that ended around 1973— are extremely rare, he democratized the design in 2007, when he devised an easier-to-manufacture version of the chair called Pumpkin for @ligneroset. One version is pictured here in Fleur Delesalle’s Paris home. And just last year the Paulin estate reissued the designs (now called Alpha and available at @ralphpucciint), following the original specifications and made-in-France mandate. Discover the detailed story of how Paulin’s Alpha sofas and chairs became one of today’s most coveted design trophies through the #linkinbio Photo by Vincent Leroux; text by @_h_mart_

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-Dodajte malo boje – dodajte nekoliko novih ukrasa sa jarkim bojama. Idealne su nove jastčnice ili prostirke.

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Take one step into the Manhattan apartment of @zacharyquinto and @milesmcmillan and you realize that—like many of the best homes—it takes everyone who enters on a journey. The 2,250-square-foot space is neither beautiful nor eclectic simply for the sake of being either—though it most certainly is both of those things. Instead, it’s a true and evocative portrait of where they’ve been, what they’ve experienced, and how they move through the world. The bookshelves in the living room are just one area that shows their range. “I think the coolest thing about the bookshelves is there’s a lot of stuff from each of us we have brought into the house,” says Quinto. Styled with inherited heirlooms alongside books and travel finds discovered together, it is obvious evidence of the way the two have blended their lives. “I love that part of our experience of cohabitating,” says Quinto. “The bringing things from our past that are important to us as individuals and things from the life we’re building together. That's what builds and strengthens our relationship.” See more of the couple’s home through the link in our profile. Photo by @kyle_knodell; text by @katromeyn; styled by @colinking

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-Promjenite organizaciju namještaja – ovo može itekako da stvori novi enterijer. Osmislite novi raspored namještaja, ovo će mnogo da znači i sami ćete vidjeti.

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When a regular of Nantucket finally came across her dream home in the island, she knocked it down. #AD100 interior designer @markhamroberts explains, “She lived in it for a summer and realized it wasn’t perfect at all.” So his client proceeded to build something authentic, still shingled in the island vernacular, but with two scoops of Southern soul—plus dead-level floors and impressive soundproofing, which the earlier house signally lacked. “I wanted old, I wanted detail, I wanted this place to feel like my grandmother’s house, which had beadboard everywhere,” she continues. To fill the new yet old-fashioned envelope, she delivered decades of belongings into her decorator’s eager hands. From a romantic Chinese Export painting of sailing ships that references Massachusetts’s seafaring history to round trivets, her lifetime of oddments now commingle with fetching auction finds as well as captivating punctuations, among them the entrance hall’s Julia Condon mandala paintings, which she snapped up from the astute art-and-antiques dealer @jamessansum, Roberts’s companion and officemate. In the living room, painted panels by @bobchristiandecorativeart and a mish-mash of printed upholstery breath life into the space, while a custom rug designed by Roberts and fabricated by @studiofournyc grounds it. See more of the home through the link in our bio. Photo by @nelson.hancock; text by @adaesthete

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Korištenjem portala slažete se sa upotrebom kolačića.Kolačiće upotrebljavamo kako bismo personalizirali oglase i sadržaj, te omogućili funkcije društvenih stranica i analizirali promet. Podatke o upotrebi ove stranice dijelimo sa društvenim stranicama, oglašivačima i stranicama za analizu, a onih mogu upotrebljavati i kombinirati sa podacima koje ste im pružili ili koje su oni prilikupili dok ste korisitili njihove usluge. Za nastavak korištenja, klikinite na dugme "Slažem se" Više informacija

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